Welcome to the official site for JMU COB’s Experiential Learning Tours!  Here you can learn more about how students are using this experience for career exploration and business networking.  Tour participants will post comments and photos about their experiences visiting companies and networking with business executives nationwide.

Quick COB Facts:

  • BusinessWeek has consistently ranked JMU COB in the top 20 among public institutions, and the top 40 among all business schools nationwide.
  • COB 300 is a unique, integrated course (typically taken junior year) that is team-taught by professors from every business discipline. The program prepares students to understand the interrelations of business systems through completion of a business plan.
  • Constant innovation is essential. More than 250 companies visit JMU each year, and job placement rate for COB students has been about 90% over the past decade.
  • Group work is emphasized heavily throughout the COB to help students stand out to potential employers
  • JMU COB students expect academic rigor, team projects, class presentations, priority in information technology, a supportive infrastructure, and a successful future

For more information visit http://www.jmu.edu/cob/